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ESC in Avis Regionale Lombardia,
an experience that changes your life!

Since 2007 Avis Regionale Lombardia has been accreted as a hosting, sending and a coordinating organization in the field European voluntary services (in the beginning with the program of “youth in Action” and now within “Erasmus+”).

Since then, the association has collaborated several diverse hosting projects from different European countries (France, Ploand, Spain, Romania) as well as extra-European (Turkey, Morocco) for more than 10 volunteers hosted until the ongoing year. 

Starting our involvement in European planning by hosting volunteers has enabled us to gain experience and have our staff members emerged in-depth knowledge in the daily management of a project, putting in place all the possible and necessary resources to offer the best support to young people and ensure the best implementation of project forecasts. The association was also a sending body for 5 Italian volunteers in different countries (Turkey, Denmark and Romania).

Furthermore, thanks to the support of the National Office of Avis network which counts on a very large young audience, also coming from the programs of Universal Civil Services or from the young groups of the local branches or even from other experiences of volunteering and participation at the local territories: in any case the perfect target to whom to propose volunteering experiences in Europe.

There are numerous projects that Avis, currently bids to young people in the region:

– Intervention projects in schools to promote inclusion (eg. “Protagonists of the plural society” born from a research on multicultural donation conducted in collaboration with the Catholic University of Milan);

– Bullying awareness and prevention projects (eg “+ Volunteers -Bulli”, project proposal funded by the Youth Department);

– The multimedia project “CSO – Solidarity Citizens Now”, conceived by the National Avis School Group seeking to develop a more concrete reflection on the issues that animate the action of volunteering in the 1st and 2nd grade secondary schools;

As well as many others through which Avis goes beyond blood donation, proposing volunteering as a moment of building the identity of active and supportive citizens.

What is “European Solidarity Corps”?

In you are between 18 and 30 years old, and looking for a useful and a meaningful method to help the community, in Europe of in other countries around the world, you can be supported by the European Solidarity Corps, that helps young people to participate in projects of which benefits go directly to the communities, either abroad on their home country. These projects offer you a stimulating experience that will help in your personal and professional growth, in addition to improvements helping with the development of your skills and abilities.

What is it for?

You will be able to find all the pieces of information you might be in need for in the guide of European Solidarity Corps given above, otherwise contact:

• Eurodesk – s If you are a young person
• The National Agency of your country– If you are a member of an organization

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