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Avis Regionale Lombardia has been a home for Civil Service for many years. Yet, since 2017 it started to adhere to the network of the National Office of Avis Projects, with the title role of project headquarter and organizational coordinator of the accredited offices on the regional territory.
In this stretch, Avis Regionale Lombardia collaborates with the National Headquarters in defining all of the planning and training activities, organizing the General Training required by the legislation, managing the Specific Training entrusted to the regional offices as well as coordinating the part of training delegated to the local offices. This organizational coordinating task is highlighted by specific activities linked to the presence of volunteers at the regional level.

What is the Civil Service?

The civil service is a voluntary commitment to dedicate a few months of one’s life to a set unarmed and non-violent defense cervices of the homeland, these services can revolve around several domains such as education, promotion for peace among people and for the founding values of the Italian Republic, through actions for communities in the territory.
The civil service represents an important opportunity for training and personal and professional growth for young people, who embody a crucial and a vital resource for the cultural, social and economic progress of the country.
The sectors of interference in Italy in which Avis Nazionale proposes the projects involving voluntary operators are:

• support
• civil protection
• environmental heritage and urban redevelopment
• historical, artistic and cultural heritage
• education and cultural, landscape, environmental, sport, sustainable and social tourism elevation and promotion
• agriculture in the mountain area, social agriculture and biodiversity
• promotion of peace, nonviolence and unarmed defense; elevation and protection of human rights; development cooperation; and the promotion of Italian culture and support for Italian communities abroad

With the Legislative Decree 6 March 2017, n. 40, the Civil Service has become Universal and aims to house all requests for participation from young people who, by a voluntary will, intend to have an experience of great educational and civil value, and willing to obtain new professional skills and qualifications for future jobs. For further information, consult the website of the Universal Civil Service.

History of the Civil Service

1972 • The birth of conscientious objection right

Under the pressure of protest actions conducted by non-violent organizations and the growing interest of citizens in conscientious objection, in 1972 the government approved law no. 772 “Rules on conscientious objection”, which establishes the right to objection for moral, religious and philosophical motives and establishes civil service, which replaces military service and is therefore mandatory.

1998 • The birth of the National Office of Civil Service

Law no. 230 of 1998 “New rules on conscientious objection” repeals law no. 772 of 1972 and recognizes conscientious objection as a citizen’s right, establishing the National Council for the Civil Service, as a permanent body of consultation, reference and comparison for the National Office of the Civil Service, and the National Fund for the Civil Service, where the resources managed up to then by the Ministry of Defense converge and in which public and private donations can be directed to a specific purpose. The management of the Civil Service ceases to be the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense, to become entrusted to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – National Office for Civil Service (UNSC).

2000 • Law 331

Law 331 of 2000 “Norm for the institution of professional military service” sets the date of suspension of the compulsory military service as January 1, 2007, which is subsequently brought forward to January 1, 2005 (law August 23, 2004 n. 226).

2001 • The birth of the National Civil Service

Law N° 64/01 which establishes the National Civil Service has been approved as: a voluntary service for young people aged between 18 to 26 years old, also open to women, who intend to undertake a social, civic, cultural and professional training path through human experience of social solidarity, national and international cooperation activities, safeguarding and protecting the national heritage.

2017 • The Universal Civil Service

Legislative Decree 6 March 2017, n. 40: Establishment and regulation of the universal civil service, pursuant to the article 8 of law no. 106. The provision entered into force on April 18th and represents the fundamental stage of the important reform process.

Information regarding the Civil Service

Who can participate?

With no discrimination; any young person with the following qualifications can candidate him or herself to become a Civil Service Volunteer:
1. being within the age range of 18 and 28 years old (the candidate must have completed 18 years and candidate him/herself before completing 28 Years old);
2. the candidate must be an Italian citizen, or from the other member states of the European Union, as for the countries outside the European Union, the candidate must be legally resident in Italy;
3. not having received a sentence; even if not final; to the penalty of imprisonment of more than one year, for non-culpable crime or to a penalty of imprisonment, even of a lower amount, for a crime against the person or concerning possession, use, port, transport, import or export illegal weapons or explosive materials, or for crimes relating to belonging to or aiding and abetting subversive, terrorist or organized crime groups.

How to participate?

Once the calls are published periodically in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic and on the home page of the website of the Department for Youth Policies and the Universal Civil Service, it is possible to submit an application to participate exclusively online through the DOL platform (Online Application) directly from https://domandaonline.serviziocivile.it or through the institutional websites of the Department for Youth Policies and the Universal Civil Service, including www.scelgoilserviziocivile.gov.it dedicated specifically to the call for volunteers. The link is also available on the sites of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces and on those of the civil service bodies that have projects in the reference call.

Information on announcements

The selection announcements are periodically published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic (GURI) and on the home page of the Civil Service website (serviziocivile.gov.it) where, through a convenient search engine, it is also possible to search for the projects financed in the own Province / Region, or related to the specific area of interest. The Civil Service projects promoted by Avis are also always published on the avis.it website as well as on the sites of the individual Avis depending on the region/ Province, in addition to the text of the project, you may also have extra details about signing up method in the same project description.

Types of Projects

For participation in Civil Service projects there are no geographical limitations of any kind: it is possible to choose from all the projects in the call to be carried out in Italy and abroad, as long as an application is submitted for only one project among those indicated, in case of applying for more than one the candidate might risk being excluded.

Duration and Weekly commitment

Civil Service projects in Avis provide for an annual total of 1145 hours for the duration of 12 months and a service hour equal to an average of 25 hours per week. The service timetable is established according to the nature of the project and is indicated in the project itself.

Economic compensation

Volunteers are entitled to a fee of 14.65€ net per day, for a total of € 439.50 net per month.
The payment is done on a flat-rate basis for a total of thirty days per month for the expected duration of the project, starting from the start date.

Youth FAQ

How to carry out the Universal Civil Service in Avis?

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