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Avis Regionale Lombardia

Avis (Associazione Volontari Italiani del Sangue) the Italian Volunteers’ Blood Donation Association is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-denominational association that does not tolerate discrimination based either on sex, race, language, nationality, religion or political ideology, it is also an entity that pursues a public goal summed up in the adequate availability of blood and its components to anyone in need.

Furthermore, Avis takes the responsibility for protecting donors’ health rights as well as for those who need to undergo any sort of transfusional therapies, promoting health education and welfare information among citizens, the development of voluntary work and associations, taking an active part as well in the promotion for international volunteering cooperation programs.

How to become a blood donor

You are between
18 and 60 Years old*

You are generally
in good health

You weight
at least 50KG

*anyone wishing to become a blood donor for the first time after the age of 60 can be accepted after the approval of the doctor responsible for the selection. You may continue to donate up to the age of 65 and up to the 70th year old after having your health examined by a specialist.

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