ESC Volunteering Opportunity – URGENT CALL


ESC Volunteering Opportunity – URGENT CALL

Hosting Organization: Avis Regionale Lombardia

Country: Milano , Italy

Period: 8 months

N° of Volunteers needed : 1

Date of start : 14 April 2024

What does the organization offer:


Food money

Health Insurance

Pocket money

Travel expanses

PS: the organization also offers the opportunity of participating in trainings and courses of different field

  • Requirements:
  • A resident of one of the following countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic , Germany, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Croatia, Sweden, France, Poland, Spain, Portugal.


The “ideal” candidate for this project is a male/female strongly interested in representing values of active solidarity, volunteering and participation in active citizenship. A person who, through the choice of intense and continuous voluntary experience, intends to strengthen their skills, broaden their cultural horizons, and build an identity of a citizen who “thinks globally and acts locally”. Furthermore, they share the values of volunteering and social work, someone who believes in promoting a society based on solidarity, shared responsibility, mutual support and mutual understanding.


Join us for an exquisite personal and professional experience!

Send your CV and Motivational Letter to :